OTT platforms like aha have become the most preferred option for watching movies these days. If you are considering the list of best OTT platforms for Tamil, aha would definitely be on that list. Aha is a popular online streaming platform streaming great shows and movies. This subscription-based platform has a huge collection of new Tamil movies and old hits.

Even though it is a subscription platform, it also offers many free movies, which you can find in the free movies section. Do you like to know some of the mind-blowing Tamil movies streaming on aha in 2023? A list of popular Tamil movies is provided below, especially for aha users.

Some of the best Tamil movies that you should not miss

1.      Rathasaatchi

Rathasaatchi is an excellent political action thriller which revolves around the fight between a Naxal revolutionary and police. The main part of the story starts when a young Naxal revolutionary and policeman cross paths. Its result is the rise or creation of an extraordinary moment where people start to fight for their well-being. The film clearly shows the hard life of a group of villagers as well as the political play.

The cast

The film Rathasaatchi stars Kanna Ravi as Appu, Elango Kumaravel as Murugesan, and Harish Kumar as Iqbal. Other cast members include Charles Vinoth, Kalyan and O A K Sundar.

2.      Udanpaal

Udanpaal is a family comedy movie with some interesting suspense that is filled with fun. Even though the story involves a tragic incident, it is presented in a fun way that will entertain all the viewers. Paraman and his sister Kanmani, the central characters of this film, are having financial troubles. Later they hear the news of their father Vinayagam’s death. At the same time, they also came to know about the compensation provided by the government. Even in that grief-stricken state, Vinayagam’s family gets greedy upon hearing that, and the funny suspense arises next. If you want to watch this comedy family drama, visit aha and take a subscription. 

The cast

The main cast members of Udanpaal are Linga as Parama, Gayathrie as Kanmani, Vivek Prasanna as Murali, Abarnathy as Prema, and Charlie as Vinayagam.

3.      Miral

Miral is a mystery thriller film which is almost like a psycho-thriller with a horror effect. Hari and his family get stuck in the middle of their way home in a car. Their car stops on a deserted highway, where they can find no one else. Later a man appears and warns them that the place is not safe. After that, some strange incidents occur, and Hari and his family get attacked by a stranger. Will they survive those attacks? Who is the stranger? The only way to find it is by watching this film on aha.

The cast

The main cast members of Miral are Bharath as Hari, Vani Bhojan as Rama, K S Ravikumar, and Meera Krishnan.

Udanpaal, On Aha, Holds A Dark Yet Funny Mirror To Our Money-Obsessed  Society

4.      Sardar

The spy action thriller Sardar stars Karthi in dual roles as agent Chandra Bose (Sardar) and Inspector Vijay Prakash. The film starts with Vijay being, a police inspector who is facing many troubles since his father was considered a national traitor. The main story starts when certain incidents occur, making Vijay investigate a shut murder case. During the investigation, he discovers serious problems caused by a water packaging company. The case also leads him to some secrets about his long-lost father, which reveals that Sardar was falsely accused as a traitor. So what happens next in this spy film? How Saradar became a national traitor? Watch this film on aha to know this complete story.

The cast

Karthi and Raashii Khanna play the lead role in this film, with other supporting casts Rajisha Vijayan, Chunky Panday, Laila, Rithvik, Munishkath, etc. 

The best OTT platform for watching Tamil movies – aha

Aha is one of the top OTT platforms in India, popular for streaming a huge collection of Tamil movies, web series, and tv shows. It is a fast-growing subscription-based platform, which charges only a low cost, but offers numerous benefits. Another reason aha is popular is that you can watch many new Tamil movies with 4K Ultra HD quality and Dolby Audio. Aha also offers many other features, like subtitles for most movies and video quality adjustment options. So if you want to watch aha movies.