Fashion is almost like an extended version of fun. Today’s fashion is audacious and brazen, reflecting a generation born in the 1990s that is not scared to express their opinions or don what they want. Designers are fully aware of the influence they have since style is more than simply a way to cover your body; it is the foundation of your values and your personality.

Impact on society

Regardless of whether style trends have more beneficial or bad effects on individuals nowadays might be argued, but it is certain that the garment business has developed into one that is highly influential and well-liked. Infants, young children, teenagers, adults, persons in the workforce, and retirees all make up society’s population. Like a coin with two sides, style trends may have both a good and a bad influence on society.

Positive impacts

·         It creates a healthy and competitive climate that motivates the next generation of top designers and other associated professionals to put in a lot of effort and produce innovative and significant new ideas. This is because of the always shifting styling trends.

·         As a result, new concepts and styles are developed. Additionally, the garment sector allows designers to showcase their skills.

·         To captivate the opposite gender and be recognised by someone they adore, people keep up their sense of style.

·         The planet is immense and is home to a wide variety of civilizations. Clothing and styling may be compared to a universal language.


Negative Impacts

  • Traditional design and accompanying culture are impacted and in danger of disappearing as a result of an excessive focus on the latest style trends.
  • The youth of today is leaning toward western culture and insensitive to Indian culture and ethnicities. A lot of the younger generations engage in antisocial behaviour because of the new clothing styles, which are mostly motivated by western civilisation and Bollywood films.
  • The enticing clothing advertising and trend-based social media posts that highlight what is hot and what is not captivate teenagers.
  • Indian vogue has changed as a result of the global economic situation, which is another element.


The ultimate focus was to simply comprehend how society may be affected by fashion trends. The desire to become contemporary is strong today, but it does not mean you have to adopt western culture. What matters most in fashion now is transformation, along with price, brand, placement, and assurance.